bookstore bommoi
50 Armenian St.
179938 Singapore
interior constructed by
I Make Space Pte. LTd.
launch date- Sept. 2023

bommoi is a boutique bookstore specializing in Korean books. As an independent bookstore, bommoi’s selection is carefully curated to showcase Korean culture and foster connections among people. Located in the heart of Singapore’s central district, bommoi offers a unique and inviting atmosphere.The branding and physical space are designed by design on Shell. The visual language of the store is inspired by traditional Korean sitting culture, celebrating natural elements such as wood, fabric, and paper. bommoi’s custom-built furniture and layout aim to reduce visual fatigue by presenting a limited number of titles without obstructing the view. The furniture is designed to be child-friendly, catering to the core audience of picture books. Additionally, ample lounge space is available to host small bookstore events, providing a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

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