A very quick – probably the shortest development, project is on-air now!

☛ Project baan baan on tumblbug!

I really need to archive more about this project.
Last summer I was lucky enough to find all the necessary elements to produce this acrylic table during my stay in Korea. Designing sobaan is one of my bucket list and here I am!

Can not thank enough many people who gave help, but especially a big one to Mana who made the funding all possible.

the peak of one of the new stuff

It has been quite a learning session for me – 3d printing with PLA or ABS. I consider myself as not a professional regarding this topic, rather an in-depth enthusiast. Singapore is quite unique compared to the rest of the world I stayed. The humidity is brutal that soluble supporting material is impossible to manage. Temperature is always stable 26 celsius +that warping should not be a big issue yet, I can’t find how to set ABS properly.

The new project is now safe to say the design phase is done. The question is, which platform should I publish it? Injection molding seems to be the right one to proceed but how should I deal with such a mass amount of production? Lots of questions outside of the design box are now waiting for answers.

lots of lots of prototyping

Three product ideas are happening now here in the workshop!

Finally, I got to reach a point to first silicone casting for proof of a concept. First time doing the casting job myself, a fair amount of failure expacted craftmanship-wize. Running a studio in Singapore comes with many charms but not so much when you deal with sourcing stuff more than hobby level but definitely not big scale manufacturing. Luckily for this job I found a shop named Resinplay, located not so far away from me, which caters materials I need in my mid-sized scale. Didn’t have to break my bank for a first run proto!

prototyping prototyping prototyping!

Lots of 3D printing is happening in the studio these days!

Recent days are filled with a new product concept development. Cura’s new cloud printing feature is a great help to part-time mom/part-time product designer. You can check printing status while checking kid’s homework. Technology!!

design on shell is going through internal revamp now. Hopefully starting for this quarter of the year things open up more and get active.

Let’s hang on a little bit more!

That was long!

design on shell is transforming. It had been a while design on shell has been an incubator of product designer Yuree. Now we are planning to make this space something more than that.

This honeslty was so long to announce. (or is this an announcement?)

Stay tuned, stay safe.

-from Singapore

Almost there…

IMG_4109 Working hard on our new product! We are planning to launch a kickstarter project, soon. Hint – it is a pet product and it is made out of wool felt.